We choose fabrics and materials that are built to last and that wear nicely. Our bags are meant to be your daily go to, and are hand crafted to be able to be up to the task.

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  • 12oz Cotton Duck Canvas

    Duck canvas is known for its durability and sturdiness, owing to its
    tight weave and heavy cotton fabric composition. Its robust nature makes
    it resistant to wear and tear, while still providing a versatile and
    breathable material suitable for various applications such as apparel,
    bags, and outdoor gear.

    Our Canvas Bags 
  • Cotton Twill

    Twill is characterized by its distinctive diagonal weave pattern, providing a strong and durable fabric with a smooth surface. This weaving technique enhances the material's resistance to wrinkles and tear, making it a popular choice for workwear, upholstery, and various utilitarian applications.

    Our Twill Bags