Our Straps

Every good bag needs a strap, which is why we have an assortment to fit every need, We have straps to fulfill all your needs, whether it be a color pop or matching straps.

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Polypropelene Straps

Woven polypropylene is renowned for its exceptional strength and resistance to abrasion, making it a robust and durable material. Its lightweight nature, coupled with resistance to moisture and chemicals, renders woven polypropylene an ideal choice for a outdoor gear and bags.

We carry the following colors:

Cotton Straps

Woven cotton webbing is prized for its natural comfort and breathability, making it a favorable choice for applications like straps and belts. With its soft texture and strength, woven cotton webbing combines both comfort and durability, ensuring versatility in uses such as bag handles, garment accessories, and various textile products.

We carry the following colors:

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Matching Straps

Matching straps are made with the same material as you choose to make your tote bags with, which gives you a visually synchronous product. We make them in house with the fabric you choose for the bag.